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Moishe Lieb Stupak (1797 - 1904)
Moishe Leib Stupak (abt 1797 - abt 1904). Chana Ortenberg's (1841-1926) father and Michael Goldstein's Maternal 3rd great grandfather


This site explores Michael  & Leah Krolik Goldstein’s roots. The research is sub-divided into Ortenberg-Stupak; Goldstein-Moshkevitch & Esterson-Gildengersh for Michael’s roots and Krolik-Zalcman & Wiernik-Koren for Leah’s. Michael's ancestors originate in the Ukraine and Belarus and Leah's from Poland.

Ortenberg-Stupak traces the descendants of Moishe Leib Stupak, Fivish Ortenberg and Moishe Leib Pekelis, Michael's mother's paternal ancestors.  Esterson-Gildengersh and Bezruk explores his mother's maternal ancestors. 

The Goldstein-Moshkevitch documents Abraham Haim Goldstein, Chaim Avrum Moshkevitch and Rosa Manusoff Michael's fathers paternal  and maternal ancestors.

The Krolik-Zalcman branch relates to Leah Krolik Goldstein's paternal family ancestors David Chaim Krolik, and Chaya Zalcman while the Wiernik-Koren are her maternal roots, the descendants of Mortche Wiernik and Leyah Koren.

Today family members live in Argentina, Canada, England, France, Israel, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, The United Kingdom and the United States.

This site and its link to our Family Tree Maker site (Reports, Trees & Kinship) records details of our ancestors and over 1900 of their descendants spanning they years 1786 to the present. There are listings, histories, stories, photos, e-mail links and a family tree. Information is regularly added, updated and corrected. A surname listing and interactive family tree are located on our Family Tree Maker site (Reports, Trees & Kinship).

The Family Tree Maker site houses reports on each ancestral branch and a kinship report for Michael Goldstein. The alphabetical reports list birth, marriage, migration, occupation and death information. 

Sign our guest book and/or e-mail your comments to us. If you are related please go to the info for family members page and see how you can help us add, update or correct information and use these pages to share information, stories and news. Additional information is obtainable by e-mail.

Michael Goldstein

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