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Haim, Toby and Leah Krolik (abt 1950)
Leah and her parents Toby
Wiernik and Haim Krolik (taken
about 1950.)

Moishe Wiernik, Sura Cytrinyash and their children

Moishe Wiernik, Sura Cytrinyash & their children


Krolik & Zalcman Family

David Haim Krolik is Leah Krolik Goldstein's great grandfather and was born in the first third of the nineteenth century in Parisov Poland. He was a glazier and was married to Goldie.

David and Goldie's two children were Shaindel and Leah's grandfather (Alter) Ben Zion. Alter married twice and while we don't know his first wife's name we know that they had a daughter named Sarah Leah. After his wife died Alter Ben Zion married Chayah Zalcman, a widow with a son named Leyzer who he adopted. Alter Ben Zion and Chayah had four more children, Haim (Leah's father), Rochel, David and Faige.

The Krolik family migrated from Parisov to the Praga district of Warsaw. Faige died as an infant. Sarah Leah, her husband Melech Nurenberg and their children all died at the hands of the Nazis in about 1942. Leyzer moved to Paris about 1934 and he, his wife Pola (Pessa) and two of their four children Annette & Joseph were deported to Auschwitz and were murdered on August 23, 1942. Joel and Rosette Leyzer and Pola's two oldest children were spirited away by a neighbor the afternoon before the Nazi round up and survived the war in hiding. The remaining children of Alter and Haya escaped Warsaw and lived out the war in Russia. Chaya Zalcman Krolik died in 1929 and Alter Ben Zion starved to death October 20, 1941 in the Warsaw Ghetto.

In about 1935 Haim married Yeze (Yenta) Domb and about a year later they had a daughter named Chaya. With the onset of the war and the Nazi round up of men Yeze (Yenta) encouraged Haim to leave Warsaw but she remained believing that she would be safe. Yeze (Yenta) and Chaya both perished in the holocaust.

Haim and his younger brother David left Warsaw in about 1940 and went to Russian occupied Ludsk, Poland and stayed there about two years until the Russians sent them deep into the woods. He next went to Krasodar (Russia) where he spent the rest of the war there. His sister Rochel spent most of the war with him as did Ben Zion Moscovitch whom she married in about 1941.

After the war Haim first returned to Warsaw to seek out his lost family and then eventually to a displaced persons in camp Lindz Austria where he met and married Toby Wiernik.  In 1948 Toby and Haim and their infant daughter Leah immigrated to Canada. David Krolik and Rochel and Ben Zion Moscovitch and Rochel & Ben Zion's two young children, Chaya and Tzipporah immigrated to Israel at about the same time.

Wiernik History

Leah's maternal great grandfather Mortche Wiernik was born and lived in Pultusk, Poland sometime in the mid 19th century. His five children were Yacov Leib (Leah's grandfather), Moishe, Yocheved (Katie), Yedit (Yetta) and a nameless son. Leah's grandfather Yacov Leib Wiernik married Layah Koren who gave birth to Leah's mother, Toby Wiernik Krolik in 1915. In about 1918 Layah Koren Wiernik died in childbirth. Toby's father died in 1927. Toby also survived the war by fleeing to Russia.


The other Wiernik family members either migrated to the United States and Argentina before the Holocaust or perished. Yetta Wiernik Lichtenstein and Katie Wiernik Schreiber-Zins, Toby's aunts both immigrated to the United States at about the turn of the 20th century. Her uncle Moishe Wiernik and part of his family remained in Poland and perished in Gomel Belarus during the Holocaust however his son Shmulke and daughter Bryna Wiernik Srebo migrated to Argentina and his daughter Tillie Wiernik Trager migrated to the USA.


There are further details in the alphabetically sorted reports and the "on line" family tree accessible through the Familytreemaker link.

Michael Goldstein

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