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Avi Goldstein (abt 1960)
Avi Goldstein dressed to kill (Abt 1960).

Simeon Goldstein and Sue Matenko Levy
Simeon Goldstein
(son of Abraham Haim)

and his 1st cousin Sue Matenko Levy

Abraham Haim Goldstein (October 1942)
Abraham Haim Goldstein (October 1942).


Moshkevitch Family

Abraham Goldstein’s Family

My paternal grandfather Abraham Haim Goldstein (Yitschak Isaac),  was born in 1873 in Bessarabia, possibly in the town of Shvartsabe which is in the Ukraine today.  AWOL from the Czar's army, he traveled to England in the early 2oth century where he worked as carpenter and by 1903 immigrated to Montreal Canada possibly via Ellis Island, NY).  We believe that he married Rachel Riva Taylor his first wife, in Montreal where their children Minnie and Harry were both born. Circa 1906 the Goldstein family  moved to Winnipeg where in about 1909 Riva died.

Abraham moved on to Toronto (possibly via Montreal) in about 1911, married Celia Moshkevitch, an immigrant from Yekaterinoslav, Ukraine in 1912, and they had three sons Reuben, Simeon (my father) and Berl.  Starting in February 1913A Abraham worked as a tailor for Eaton's for 32 years.  Abraham died in Toronto in 1946 and Celia in 1978. Abraham and Celia Goldstein are both buried in Toronto's Dawes Road Cemetery

Minnie Goldstein married Fishel Walerstein and they lived in Toronto but retired to Israel. Harry married Anne Nyman of London, England and they lived in Toronto. Reuben Goldstein moved to New York and married Bertha Brooks, Simeon (my father) married Esther Esterson of Montreal in Montreal and except for a brief period they lived in Montreal.  Berl married of Freda Weber of Montreal and they live in Philadelphia

The Moshkevitchs

Celia Moshkevitch Goldstein, (my paternal grandmother) born near Yekaterinoslav (Dniepropetrovsk), in Kokhovka Ukraine in April 1889, was the youngest of five children of Rosa Manosoff (born in Nikapol, Ukraine in 1855) and Chaim Abraham Moshkevitch.  Celia's older siblings were Yelia, Bunya, Mosya and Viera.  Celia's oldest sister Yelia married Isaac Matenko in 1900 and immigrated to Toronto, Canada via Ellis Island in 1906. Shortly thereafter Celia and her other sisters also migrated to Toronto together with or followed shortly their parents.  Chaim Moshkevitch died in April 1912 and Rosa in 1937. 

Mosya Moshkevitch, his wife Clara and their children Syome (Sam Moskoff) and Anna (Moskoff) joined his sisters and parent in about 1920.


Bunya Moshkevitch married Tzodek Sable (whose original name was Zodek Zablodofsky) in Toronto. Their only child, Henry was born in Toronto in 1918 and in 1942 married Florence Molien of Buffalo and thereafter moved to Cleveland.


The Matenko Journey to Ellis Island and Toronto

On April 30 1906 Isaac Matenko (erroneously recorded as Itko Matenko) and his family which included wife Yelia and their children Pessach (Percy) and Theodore arrived at Ellis Island aboard the SS Caledonia, which had sailed from Glasgow, Scotland on April 21.  Isaac’s half brother Fivish Frumhartz arrived with them as Fiivish Matenko, Isaac Matenko’s son.  Yelia and Theodore were sent to the Ellis Island Hospital where Theodore passed away.  The Matenkos passed through Ellis Island as Non Immigrant Aliens on their way to Toronto to join Hilliard Soboloff Yelia’s cousin Chana Manosoff’s husband.



The Moshkevitch - Jabotinsky Connection

So is there a connection? For years I have been told of a family connection to Zev Jabotinsky though no one seemed to know how. It was never questioned but no one I talked to seemed to know what it was. The Moshkevitchs were ardent Workman's Circle and in years back he was considered a black sheep. I have now have been told that great grandfather Chaim Moshkevitch and Ze'ev Jabotinsky were first cousins. While Z'ev Jabotinsky was born in Odessa in 1880 his father Yona (Yevgeni) Jabotinsky was born in Nikapol where the Moshkevitch's lived and where some of them were born. I begin at a disadvantage as I neither my great-grandfather's Chaim's mother's first or maiden name and I suspect that it is through her or her husband Shlomo Moshkevitch that we are linked. 

Sue Matenko Levy, daughter of Isaac and Yelia Moshkevitch Matenko, who supplied most of the information on this branch of the family is sorry today that she knew no more of this connection and wrote on March 31, 1998: ".. he was one of Israel's historical giants (even though I remember my father making sarcastic remarks about his political ideology and dreams)."

The Manosoffs

Rosa Manosoff Moshkevitch's brother David married Miriam Brodsky. David their daughter Yelia died in the Ukraine after which Miriam and their daughter Chana Manosoff eventually migrated to Toronto.

Yelia Manosoff married Jacob Izchac Shilitsky and had three children but I know nothing of them and any descendants .

In 1901 Chana Manosoff married Hilliard Soboloff in Dniepropetrovsk and they then moved to Toronto a few years later. The Soboloffs had four children Sara, Ann, John & Dora.


There are further details in the alphabetically sorted reports and the "on line" family tree accessible through the Familytreemaker link.

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Michael Goldstein

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